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      MBM Electronic is the first company in Indonesia that has been producing Line Array Speaker System. Since its founding in 2005, MBM Electronic has been devoted to meeting the needs of sound reinforcement professionals with the finest products available.

       The company has always created totally integrated systems: comprehensive solutions encompassing transducer design, signal processing, and power amplification, as well as tools to support these systems with electroacoustic prediction, system measurement and alignment, signal processing, and system drive. The company use the best components in the world, such as the B & C Speakers, Precesion Devices Speakers and Amplifiers Module Powersoft, and create a box speaker to produce outstanding sound quality,  made ​​of plywood birchply of Rusia and CNC machines by European standarization.

      The company works closely with professionals in all areas of sound reinforcement, gathering information on customersneeds and providing the tools, technical support and information to enable the best experience possible for sound system users and audiences alike. This is one more way that the company stays in touch with the real reason for its existence. The company is able to exercise the control to insure its quality standards are met and that each unit is exactly the same as the last.

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Jl. Matraman Raya No 208
Jakarta Timur / 13320

T : +6221 - 298.217.51
F : +6221 - 298.219.52
E : mbmelectronic@cbn.net.id